This blog post is purely based on opinion, and its main objective is to establish the top 5 best photographers in Cape Town on Instagram. I, Keagan Petersen, founder of Fun Life Cape Town, will be putting together a carefully formulated list of photographers, that I feel, outshines the rest of the photographers in Cape Town on Instagram.

The list is based on each photographer’s Instagram engagement, in other words, they should post consistently and interact with their followers. Secondly, the list is based on each photographer’s Instagram grid layout and their picture’s quality. While there is no particular way to judge the quality of a picture, I will be judging it on composition, creativity, the use of color, the story it tells, the lighting, and lastly, the photographer should be based in Cape Town, and post regular snaps of locations in and around Cape Town which are taken by the photographer themselves.

While I am a photographer myself, I won’t be including myself on this list as I feel that would be very biased. So, without further ado, let’s begin.

How I went about finding the top 5 Cape Town Photographers on Instagram

Step 1:

I started off by simply searching on Google for the following term: “top Instagram accounts Cape Town

Surprisingly there aren’t many blog posts regarding this topic, and I only had a handful of links to choose from and review. I have listed the link of each blog post I’ve reviewed below.


10 Cape Town Instagrammers that’ll keep you in love with the Mother City




Step 2:

I narrowed down my list of photographers from each of these lists against the criteria I mentioned above, then I was left with eight accounts, however, I knew that there were more accounts on Instagram that were never published on any website top list, so, I decided to do my own investigation on Instagram itself. I used the Instagram search bar and typed: Cape Town

There were over 10 million hashtags for this search results, and I knew it would take me forever to go through all the posts, so I tried the next search option: Cape Town Photographer, and this is what I found:

Just over 100 000 posts, which seemed much more workable. So, I worked through each post to see which images caught my attention, and once I found an appealing image I would go into the account to do more research and compare it against the criteria I mentioned above. Simple enough, only it would be time-consuming, luckily I had quite a bit of time on my hands.

While these are obviously not all the photographers in Cape Town, I had no other way of establishing who the rest of the Cape Town photographers were. My search list was now narrowed down to 24 photographers. Surprisingly it didn’t take much time to sort through the plus 100k “Cape Town photographer” posts on Instagram.

The 24 photographers, in no particular order, are as follows:

























Step 3:

Next, I gave the photographer a rating out of 100 based on the following criteria:


Grid layout/100



Use of Colour/100

The story they tell/100

The lighting/100

Based in Cape Town/100

Regular snaps in and around Cape Town/100

Total score = /100

Below is an example of how I rated each photographer. I used my own account as a reference.

Final score = 68.13/100

I used the website SocialStat to determine the engagement for each account. See the example below I used to determine the engagement for my own account:

Step 4:

Once I established the stats for each account I created a top 10 list. The top 10 list was the following:

#10 – @georgedyason

Total score = 65.6

#9 – @mattcarrphotography

Total score = 67.3

#8 – @jonsphotosforfun

Total score = 67.8

#7 – @vaughn.wright

Total score = 67.1

#6 – @charneaphotography

Total score = 68

Now, finally for the top 5 Photographers in Cape Town on Instagram…

Best Cape Town Photographer on Instagram

#5 linda.vos

Final score = 69.8/100

#4 was a tie for lynnshapirophotography and stephen_bauer

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Windswept lovers 😍

A post shared by Lynn Shapiro Photography (@lynnshapirophotography) on

Final score = 70.1/100
Final score = 70.1/100

#3 nathanlunda

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↟ Happy Sunday everyone!

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Final score = 70.3/100

#2 gavman18

Final score = 73.5/100

#1 kobustollig

Final score = 73.6/100

Well, there you have it, folks… As I stated at the beginning of this blog post, it is purely based on opinion, and its main objective is to establish the top 5 best photographers in Cape Town on Instagram. If you feel I have judged it unfairly or poorly, feel free to message me so I can make the needed improvements. Also, if there is a photographer who hasn’t been covered in this blog post, please send through their account details and I will gladly compare their account against the accounts you already see in this blog post.

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